Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photos from National Public Lands Day

Hands in the earth

THANK YOU to everyone for another successful National Public Lands Day! We're still compiling the statistics, but it looks like about a hundred people helped out with trail maintenance and revegetation at White River Campground and Sunrise. The day was warm, breezy, and partly cloudy, about as good as anyone could hope to expect at the end of September at 6,000 feet! The Glacier Basin Rededication went smoothly, with special guest appearances by Carl Fabiani, retired trails foreman; Alan Carter Mortimer, Field Director of the Washington Trails Association (WTA); Liz Reynolds, Mayor of Enumclaw; and a lot of enthusiastic volunteers. Special thanks, also, to the National Parks Conservation Association for helping to sponsor the event (and bringing coffee), and to WTA for leading projects and bringing cookies for the after-party!

The photos above and below are only three of 120 you can enjoy on my Flickr photo site. We'd love to see your pictures and hear your stories, too!

National Public Lands Day 2011

Elizabeth (above) and Clara (below) help with the revegetation project at Sunrise on National Public Lands Day.


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