Friday, September 16, 2011

NPLD: An updated project list

Have you signed up to attend National Public Lands Day and the Glacier Basin Trail rededication on Saturday, September 24? Lots of people have already done so, and it looks like it's going to be a great day of service! In case you forget the details, click here to read our original announcement, then RSVP as follows:

  • All volunteers should send a note to Mariely Lemagne at NPCA at You may also register in person on the day of the event, but signing up ahead of time will help us with planning.
  • If you're planning to participate in the Washington Trails Association project (see the full list below), sign up on their website. Note that WTA will also be doing trail work on Friday the 23rd, and Sunday the 25th, so consider coming early or staying a day longer, and sign up for those dates too!
  • We've set aside a block of campsites at White River for volunteers to use on Friday and/or Saturday night. To ensure that we have enough sites set aside, if you plan to camp, please RSVP to Kevin Bacher at A block of sites (probably in "A" loop) will be reserved for our use.
Meanwhile, here (subject to change) are the projects currently on the docket for September 24th:

Revegetation: Restoration specialist Will Arnesen will be leading a large team of volunteers in restoring the site of the former drive-in campground at Sunrise. He can take a nearly unlimited number of volunteers of all ages.

Trail maintenance: Several trails projects will be happening at White River and Sunrise. Each is limited to about 12 people. These projects are most appropriate for adults or older children:
  • Wonderland Trail between White River and Sunrise, rebuilding turnpikes and tread repairs, two crews (Washington Trails Association and NPS).
  • Wonderland Trail between White River and Sunrise, brushing, NPS crew.
  • Sunrise Rim Trail, tread repair, NPS crew.
  • Wonderland Trail between Frozen Lake and the Northern Loop Junction, tread repair, NPS crew.
One final note: The National Public Lands Day organization and REI are sponsoring a "Volunteers in Action" photo contest, with a grand prize REI camping package worth $600. Check out the details ahead of time if you plan to participate, and download the photo release form linked to their contest rules. Images from Mount Rainier have won in the past!

We look forward to seeing you at White River Campground at 9:00 a.m. on September 24!

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