Saturday, October 23, 2010

Carl Fabiani's retirement party

IMG_3570-3578 Panorama_1
This past Thursday, October 21, more than a hundred people gathered to celebrate Carl Fabiani's retirement after more than 40 years as a member of the park's trail crew, most recently as the Trail Foreman. The event was attended by park employees, former park employees, volunteers, former volunteers, even a representative of Congressman Dave Reichert's office, who presented Carl with a flag flown over the US Capitol in his honor.

Carl worked with thousands of volunteers and volunteer groups during his career, and has always turned in more volunteer hours than any other park program or supervisor. His volunteers completed more than half of the trail work in 2007, the summer after our big floods, and have continued to make an enormous difference in the reconstruction of the Wonderland and Glacier Basin Trails. With any luck, Carl will no go far, but simply become one of those volunteers himself!

I've posted photos from the event on my Flickr website. You may follow this link to see them all:

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