Saturday, September 18, 2010

Revegetation Drop-In Week

Time to strike while the iron is hot!

In 2004, 18,000 plants were grown for restoration mostly in the Sunrise area. By continually growing our exemplary greenhouse and revegetation programs, this year we are undertaking perhaps our most ambitious restoration project by placing 120,000 plants into the fragil subalpine areas of Paradise and Sunrise. This is a testament to the dedication in preserving and restoring the esscence of Mount Rainier National Park, its subalpine meadows.

Unfortunately for these beautiful and precious areas there is a very small window in which the conditions are just right to plant and regrow the damaged meadows. Our revegetation crew will continue to work tirelessly to accomplish this huge endeavor but achieving our full potential will only be possible with the help from YOU!

Thanks to groups of students from Evergreen State College who will be working Saturday through Thursday we are inviting everyone to "drop-in" this week with the revegetation crew at Paradise.

Revegetation Drop-In
Saturday September 18th - Thursday 23rd
Paradise Lower Lots
All are welcome!

Don't forget that our biggest volunteer day of the year, National Public Lands Day, is September 25th! Free entry to the park, a free entry voucher to all volunteers for use in the future, friends, family, and fun restoring the sub-alpine meadows!
Saturday September 25th
Registration at Longmire Administration Building

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