Friday, September 10, 2010

National Public Lands Day is September 25th!

National Public Lands Day 2010 celebrates service and recreation on public lands while educating volunteers about the effects of climate change on our parks. NPLD engages a diverse audience of adult and youth volunteers to get to outdoors and improve their lands, whether at the grandest national park or at an urban park in their neighborhood.

NPLD inspires a new generation of volunteers committed to service on public lands. The event also encourages volunteers to explore and enjoy America's natural wonders through outdoor recreation. After working hard, volunteers can take a hike, a swim, a bicycle ride and get healthy in America's backyard.

Last year Mount Rainier received over 200 volunteers participating in revegetation, trail work and other various volunteer projects. We are trying to top last year's numbers by offering several volunteer opportunities around the park.

Volunteers should plan on meeting in front of the Administration Building in Longmire at 9:00am for the official welcome, volunteer registration, and to receive your NATIONAL PUBLIC LANDS FREE ADMISSION PASS!!

Some of the volunteer projects taking place will be;

  • Restoration Project with Will Arnesen at the Paradise Lower Lot
  • Longmire Campground end of season cleanup
  • WTA - Glacier Basin Trail work
  • Trail crew cleanup
Finally, don't forget to bring your cameras! There photo contest again this year and Mount Rainier boasts a nation-wide winning photograph 2 years in a row! So let the shutters fly and send in your pictures. You can see the previous pictures from 2008 and 2009 here.

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