Monday, May 19, 2008

An incredible evening on the mountain

From John Walsh, Meadow Rover at Paradise:

Weather incredible, so very busy. Though contact numbers do not reflect the numbers of people around, they fell within the definition of contacts. Had numerous other casual conversations with folks. On the Nisqually trail reset some poles and ropes; Myrtle trail attempted to “redefine” common trail though the snow ... trail sort of lost its “definition” so tried to reestablish “obvious” route. Other than a spectacular day, nothing of note to report. The highlight of the trip was a night hike we took on Friday. No other way to describe it other than awesome and enchanting. We headed out after dark (up into the Myrtle Falls area) under an almost full moon and clear skies as a backdrop for stars. The mountain simply glowed in the night light ... nothing to say other than incredible, just incredible ... what a wonderful gift. As we were returning we were accompanied by a fox! The fellow just wandered along with us, about 20 yards away, apparently unconcerned with our presence. After a while he just sort of meandered off ... pretty cool to see. Anyway as you might guess it was a wonderful evening and day on the mountain.

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