Friday, May 30, 2008

The Corps, training, and upcoming projects

I've been out of commission for much of the past week with a persistent fever. Fortunately, it passed in time for our volunteer program training on Thursday! Our new SCA Conservation Corps was in attendance all day, and in the afternoon, we were joined by about a dozen park supervisors and volunteers, who shared their personal stories of working in the park and their vision for where our volunteer opportunities will go next. We're excited to have Corps members working within our interpretation, trails, and natural resource programs this year; once they're fully trained, their mission will be to develop projects that we've had in the planning stages for years. These include viewpoint, trailhead, and shuttle bus interpretation, and biological surveys. Chief of Natural and Cultural Resources Roger Andrascik described a fascinating project under development to track frogs in our subalpine ponds. There are lots of cool projects coming up.

For the moment, the number of projects on our calendar remains small. But we'll be posting the first major addition over the weekend or on Monday: a Father/Son/Daughter project for Father's Day weekend, on Saturday the 15th of June. It will likely involve winter storm cleanup, campground opening, and possibly some exotic plant control, and will be appropriate for families. Watch our Eventbrite calendar at the top of this page for details.

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