Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcoming Rebecca Agiewich

From Mike Gauthier, Supervisory Climbing Ranger:

"Two new faces are in and out of the Longmire Administration building these days...

"Our new face is Rebecca Agiewich. Rebecca is a novelist, journalist and blogger who writes for the Seattle PI, Seattle Magazine, and the Lonely Planet. Her novel, BreakupBabe sprang out of a blog (of the same name) and was published in 2006. Rebecca also teaches classes about writing and blogging. In 1991, she hiked the Wonderland Trail and has since climbed, skied and snowshoed many other trails in the park. Formally at Microsoft and Amazon, she'll be writing more about Mount Rainier for the Seattle PI’s 'Getaways' section.

"While VIP-ing at Mount Rainier, Rebecca will help the climbing program expand its on-line content and information services. You can find her on the first floor of the Longmire Administration building in Dave Ashe's old office. For more information on Rebecca, check out her author website at or her personal site where she writes about fashion, music, romance and outdoor activities: ."

Welcome, Rebecca!

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