Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mount Rainier Recovery Poster is ready to mail!

At long last, the Mount Rainier Recovery poster is complete and has arrived! Along with the park's partners, I am putting the finishing touches on our mailing list of volunteers who contributed to the park in 2007 and late 2006. We're drafting thank you letters to go with the posters, and looking for the most economical source of mailing tubes.

If you volunteered in 2007, you will probably be getting an e-mail or call from me in the near future, confirming your address and checking on your availability to help with a massive poster stuffing and mailing party, most likely in early February.

It's exciting to finally have this poster complete, and to have one more opportunity to thank all of you for your tremendous contributions over the past year, in the wake of 2006's devastating floods! We look forward to continuing the good work in 2008.

The poster, by the way, was produced by Ranger Doug's Enterprises, who donated all of their design work for free and then sold us the posters at a drastically reduced cost. We are deeply grateful for their contribution! The poster measures 18x24 inches... so get those frames ready!

(1/18 update: I've updated the image with an electronic version of the poster. Same image, better quality than my photograph!)

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