Monday, August 13, 2007

A Meadow Rover Report from Paradise

From John Walsh, Paradise Meadow Rover:

Headed up to Paradise Sunday (12th). The following is my report: Weather was not exactly "pleasant," heavy clouds, cool and rain later in the day. Still nice on the mountain though and was rewarded with seeing a number of baby marmots (pretty funny, "cartoonish" characters) and seeing the meadows with remaining flowers. Before the rain started the mist was heavy enough to coat each plant in a coat of moisture, encapsulating the flower so each looked like a jewel. It is one of those "small" things that make the meadows special. Wish there was some way to "capture" the image but don’t know if I could do it. Was sitting at Pan Point just resting a minute and I felt something scramble up my back and turning my head slightly noted a rather large, fat chipmunk sitting on my shoulder. He just sort of sat there for about 5 minutes, tucked into my neck, and then casually walked down my arm and left! I was not eating anything so I guess he needed a "friend" for a couple of minutes or needed to warm up!

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