Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bio Toilet Donated by Japanese Group to be Dedicated at Mount Rainier

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Representatives from Mount Rainier National Park and the Japan Volunteers-in-Parks Association (J-VIPA) will dedicate a new “bio toilet” at Cougar Rock Campground at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 30.

The toilet was donated to the park by the Japanese non-profit organization Groundwork Mishima, which works with citizens, local governments, and businesses to address environmental issues and promote volunteerism in Japan. The donation to Mount Rainier came about through the park’s 13-year partnership with J-VIPA, and through a “Sister Park” relationship with Mount Fuji in Japan, where Groundwork Mishima has been active. The donated toilet is valued at $70,000.

Seventeen students and five instructors from J-VIPA and Waseda University in Tokyo are working on volunteer projects in Mount Rainier National Park this summer, including setting up the bio toilet and building its walls, doors, and roof. The toilet’s modern, high-tech design uses cedar chips and natural composting techniques to operate efficiently with very little water and with no odor.

Due to the short season remaining at Cougar Rock Campground, the toilet will not be operated until next year. Its dedication on Thursday will acknowledge the students from Japan, now visiting the park, who helped to make the donation and installation of the bio toilet possible.


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