Friday, March 25, 2016

Guess Who is Coming Back?

If you guessed the Student Conservation Association's Community Crews, then you would be 100% correct!  But, why are we so excited?  Well, read on to find out...

The SCA's Community Crews have called Mount Rainier National Park home for quite a few years now.  Last year, the SCA brought eighteen 14-18 year olds into the park for two weeks of back country trails projects, front country projects, education programs, and countless interactions with Rangers from all over the park.  Completing 2160 hours of volunteer service in 2015 alone, the SCA Community Crews helped complete over 7,500 feet of trail brushing and installed 34 check steps along some popular trails, like the Skyline Trail and the Nisqually Vista Loop, as well as some lesser traveled trails, like the Snow Lake Trail and the North Puyallup Trail. 


Either setting up shop in the Longmire Stewardship Campground or spiked out to Klaspache Point, the Community Crews were always in high spirits and spent much of their free time exploring all reaches of the park.  Odds are, if you had volunteered this summer, you probably met at least one crew member.

We have recently learned that the SCA Community Crews will return to Mount Rainier, thanks special funding coming from the National Park Service's Youth Partnerships Program.  So, when you see those bright blue shirts and blaze yellow hardhats on trail this summer, make sure to stop and say "hello!" and "thank you!" to these amazing crews.

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