Sunday, February 28, 2016

Reminder: Avalanches DO Happen on the Mountain

As witnessed by some of our climbing rangers earlier this week, avalanches do occur on the Mountain much more frequently than you may think.  Check out this blog post by Climbing Ranger Peter Ellis highlighting the avalanche just under Panorama Point, a very common point of interest for snowshoers and skiers. 

NPS Photo / VIP Kelly Teale
Whenever you travel to the park in the winter months, either for volunteering or for recreation, please remember to stay safe out there!  Check out this free online course on Avalanche Safety for a quick refresher on traveling in avalanche terrain.


Anonymous said...

My taxes seriously pay someone to remind me that avalanches are real...

Kevin said...

Next to winter driving, snow avalanches are the greatest risk our visitors and employees face this time of year, and we have had many close calls over the years. Reminders to be vigilant are always worthwhile.