Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Volunteer group needed for Longmire Campground shutdown

Volunteers take down platform tents in 2014
Summer 2015 is now history, and as we ease into autumn, one task remains for the volunteer program: namely, shutting down the Longmire Stewardship Campground for the winter. This task involves taking down our five platform tents and hanging them to dry; storing their poles and cots in our warehouse; propping up the platforms under tarps for the winter; and generally cleaning up the campground from any litter, storm debris, or campfire residue left over from the summer. The whole task can easily be done with a dozen people in half a day, and is suitable for adults and/or teens.

If you're part of a group this size and are looking for a way to volunteer, contact us and let us know! Our schedule is flexible, though the sooner we get this done the better, as autumn will only get wetter as time goes by. Please call Kevin Bacher, Volunteer Program Manager, at 360-569-6567, or write to Kevin_Bacher [at]

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