Thursday, January 8, 2015

Volunteers invited to contribute to Centennial Story Book - Deadline January 15

Calling all volunteer storytellers! I believe I saw this last month in the run-up to the holidays, but was so busy at the time that I brushed past it without paying much attention. This reminder comes with the deadline just a week away, but it's too good an opportunity not to pass along. Rather than rewriting it, I'll just insert, here, the original message. Get out your quills!

We are publishing a Centennial Story Book of 100 stories by people who are, or have been, intimately connected to a National Park Service unit as an employee or volunteer. The deadline to submit stories has been extended to January 15. We are still looking for a couple inspiring stories.  It would be great to get one from your staff.

We are inviting all current and past NPS employees and volunteers to participate by sharing their own stories that, at their heart, seek to inspire the next generation. Will you please share this information with your staff and volunteers?

The proposed book and companion e-book, Inspiring Generations: 100 Stories from the National Park Service, will include written pieces that aim to inspire future preservation as well as youth involvement and stewardship. The format will be paperback, approximately 350 pages, printed in black and white, with a full-color cover plus archival or contemporary photographs.
Guidelines can be found, and submissions made online at, the Centennial Story Book web portal.  All stories will be reviewed for possible publication and, if selected, the author will be contacted for permission and background information. Each published author will receive a complimentary copy of the book.

Publication is currently scheduled for Holiday 2015. The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2015.

Inspire others! Get your story published! Celebrate with your fellow employees and volunteers the joy and passion of working for the NPS. Submit TODAY!

With my sincere thanks,

Mike Tollefson
Yosemite Conservancy

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