Thursday, July 24, 2014

Don't Give Up the Ship....

Or rather don’t give up on the message.  Several rovers have had recent experiences with over-large groups and frustrated with their non-compliance with meadow saving requests.  It sometimes happens.  But, for every negative experience, think about the hundreds of positive visitor contacts.  I am always hearing from visitors about the great volunteers they have met on the trails, how polite and kind these rovers are.  When out myself, I often receive a “thank you for doing what you do.”  So Rovers, keep smiling and keep talking with the visitors.   You do make a difference.

On a different note, I have never said there are too many Rovers on the trails….as some of you have seen, we could use a person every 100 yards some days….especially with the snow still hanging around the trails in Paradise.  So feel free to come on the spur of the moment.  You can always pair up with someone and take one radio between you.   Then separate on the trail as long as you are within shouting distance incase you have need of assistance.

Lastly, I have received the following message from Laura Davis, Citizen Science Coordinator. 

We are looking for volunteers to help conduct amphibian surveys to document the presence or absence of amphibian species at various lakes, ponds and wetlands with an emphasis on historical Western Toad sites. Volunteers will be part of a small group, including myself. We will hike to chosen sites and conduct amphibian surveys. This primarily involves finding, identifying and measuring amphibians at all stages of development. You do not need any previous experience and surveying equipment will be provided. You may volunteer once or multiple times throughout the season. If you need to stay overnight, free camping is available at Cougar Rock, White River, Ohanapecosh and Longmire campgrounds, however, I recommend Longmire since it is the closest to our meeting point. We are conducting both day trip and overnight backpacking surveys throughout the park, as some lakes are much easier to get to than others. More detailed information will be provided once volunteers have been confirmed.
If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact Laura at

As always, thank you for everything you do.  You are truly exceptional people with whom I am proud to work.

Maureen McLean
Coordinator MORA Meadow Rovers

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