Saturday, May 24, 2014

Interpretive Training - Volunteers Welcome!

Four sessions of interpretive training will be open to volunteers in early June. Space is limited, however, so if you are interested in any of these topics, contact Lee Snook lee_snook(at) at your earliest convenience!All sessions begin at 8:30 AM and run until approximately 4:30 PM.

Tuesday, June 3 - Tahoma Woods Ed Center - Mount Rainier Geology 101 (Tom Sisson), Glaciers of Mount Rainier (Carolyn Driedger), Aggradation (Scott Beason), PNW Geology (Tom Sisson), Volcano Hazards (Carolyn Driedger), Latest Research (Paul Kennard and Scott Beason).

Wednesday, June 4 - Geology Field Trip

Thursday, June 5 - Tahoma Woods Ed Center - Human History at Mount Rainier (Greg Burtchard), Mount Rainier Wilderness (Kraig Snure), Wilderness Facilitated Dialog (Lee Snook and Curt Jacquot), Concessions and Special Use Permits (Mary Wysong), Law Enforcement, Photo Library (Kristyn Loving), Navigating MORA Sharepoint (Curt Jacquot), Permits

Friday June 6 - Longmire Community Building - Climbing (Stefan Lofgren), Fees and Special Use Permits (Jeff DeMorris), Discover Your Northwest (Sherry Paul), Nisqually Road Project (Mimi Gorman), Foxes and Fishers (Mason Reid), Mount Rainier Ecology (Regina Rochefort), Climate Change and MORA Forests (Janneke Hille Ris Lambers), Climate Change and MORA (Kevin Ford), MeadoWatch, Ecology Panel

Again, please note that space is limited, particularly for the sessions being held in the Ed Center. You must RSVP and have received a confirmation from Lee Snook to attend.

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