Monday, March 17, 2014

Longmire Campground Projects - Summer 2014

As posted last fall, the Volunteer Program received a $9,500 grant from Washington's National Park Fund and a $10,000 grant from Keep America Beautiful to enhance the historic Longmire Campground for volunteers and other groups. JVIPA built 10 picnic tables in August, but our plans to build more in October were put off by the notorious government shutdown. This spring, we plan to build twenty more tables and install a yet-to-be-determined number of new fire grates. In addition, we've located the historic group fire ring for the campground and are making plans to relocate and rebuild it with volunteer help. Watch the blog and newsletter for announcements of these projects and their dates! As well as offering provisions for camping space to VIP and educational groups, the Park is talking with tribal members about opportunities to use the campground occasionally, here in the landscape with which they have such deep cultural ties.

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