Friday, October 18, 2013


While we were closed, the Mountain has changed its face.  The Paradise meadows are white, and the trails are covered too.  The foliage has turned orange, yellow and red.  Check the webcams to see the beauty- Better yet, we could still use some help on the weekends thru November 3rd.  With the sun shining, I expect many visitors to reclaim their park.  The snow is not deep enough to protect the vegetation so we will need rovers to help people find and stay on the trails and return sleds to their cars.  I am not working today-Friday, but will be at Paradise Saturday and Sunday.  Even if you are in the ½ mile radius, you will be helping visitors and the resources alike.  I will try to have as many radios as possible charged and ready for your use.  For our Sunrise friends, the road and trails to Sunrise are closed for the winter, so come visit us at Paradise.
Come breathe the fresh air and enjoy the changes October has given. 
Once again thanks so much for all your help and especially thank you for the support and encouragement given during the shutdown.
Maureen McLean
Coordinator MORA Meadow Rovers

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