Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New volunteer calendar

As you may have noticed, the calendar embedded at the bottom of this blog no longer shows any information. You may have noticed other things that have gone awry and uncorrected -- outdated information and obsolete links, for example (though the majority of information is indeed accurate).

The reason for these inaccuracies is that the National Park Service recently converted its e-mail system to Google, and in the process, any existing Google applications (blogger and calendar, for example) that had been managed using an NPS e-mail address became inaccessible, and anything for which that e-mail address provided the only administrative access became un-editable. This is a valuable lesson: Make sure every application has at least two administrator accounts, ideally based on different sources! In retrospect, I should have given administrative priviledges to my personal e-mail address in addition to my government one. If I had, I would still have administrative access. Alas, I didn't, and I don't... so for now, the original Google calendar, and the layout and settings for this blog, are inaccessible.

We are working to fix this problem, and I am confident that we'll get it resolved as soon as we can figure out which tech guru to ask to flip which switch.

In the meantime, I have created a new volunteer program calendar, which I will post separately, and which will be populated with all of the many volunteer events coming up this summer. There's a lot to put on your calendar, so check us out and see what you want to be sure not to miss! Check back frequently, as well, because there are many events (citizen science, backcountry maintenance, volunteer picnics, and much more) which have not yet been given specific dates. These will be identified in later blog postings and volunteer newsletters... and shared on the new volunteer calendar. Better yet, if you have Google calendar yourself, subscribe to ours and keep up to date on a daily basis.

See you out on the trails!

- Kevin Bacher, Volunteer Program Manager

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