Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tour of Dooty

If you didn't sign up to work a shift at the Puyallup Fair this year, you missed the opportunity to serve at the Park's most unique dooty station. Our animal scat exhibit is a huge hit with children who, although often reluctant for hands-on exploration at first, warm to the subject rapidly when you explain how to tell one doo-doo from another. Adults frequently contribute to the interpretive aspect with personal observations, "Isn't that what you saw at the cabin?" or "I saw some of that on the trail!"

Our Volunteers enrich the experience by interacting with the kids using any of three wildlife hand-puppets or by inviting children to make their own bookmarks using animal footprint stamps, many of which correlate with the doo-doo droppers' paw marks. This "tour of dooty" is a great way to instill curiosity about the natural world in youngsters!

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