Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New webcam at Longmire!

At long last, our webcam at Longmire has gone live! We now have six webcams at Paradise, for goodness sake, and a summer webcam at Camp Muir, so it was high time we got one at Longmire. The camera is located in the conference room on the second floor of our administration building, just two doors down from my office, so you can now see roughly the same view I have out my office window, looking across the grounds to the Longmire Museum and the road leading up from the Nisqually Entrance, with the National Park Inn hidden behind the trees in the distance. Watch for school groups gathering at the beginning of the Trail of the Shadows. In the summer, look for shuttle buses arriving to take visitors up to Paradise. This time of year, you might see people building snowmen in front of the administration building. Enjoy the show!

The above is Longmire. Here, just for comparison, is the view from the visitor center at Paradise:

And from Camp Muir (don't expect anyone to go up and defog the camera lens until spring):


volunteering cambodia said...

Longmire is the second most popular destination, for visitors to Mount Rainier National Park after Paradise. It’s interesting to know more, about that.

Ginny Galbreth said...

Kevin - I am so sorry to hear about Margaret Anderson's death. What a horrible shock to the whole Mt Rainier community. It's such an amazing place and hard to imagine that something so senseless could happen there. My heart goes out both to her family and to the WHOLE Mt Rainier staff. You guys are all like a big family together and I'm sure it's impacted everyone.