Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miltimores featured on

This morning when I checked the news headlines on MSNBC, there in the travel section was an article about our own Jim and Carol Miltimore and their extraordinary contributions to Mount Rainier National Park! It wasn't a complete surprise, as I'd been interviewed a while back for the story (my "quote" in the article seems to have been embellished a bit, but at least it's still accurate).

My favorite quote from the piece: "Imagine the impact on the national deficit if every able-bodied man and women in America contributed on behalf of the federal government the way the Miltimores do for free. And they consider it their privilege." That pretty well sums up the attitude of all of our volunteers -- both those who, like the Miltimores, volunteer almost full-time in their retirement, and the individuals who squeeze in a few hours between jobs (or job hunting) and their kids' soccer practice. They all experience what Acting Superintendent Randy King says in the article: "It’s just a great way for people to give back. Volunteers form a deep connection to the land."

Check out the complete article on the MSNBC website.

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