Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunrise Meadow Rovers Update

The Sunrise Visitor Center opened on July 8th with an impressive set of new exhibits and building improvements. The official Opening is Thursday, July 14th.

In the Sunrise area, meltout has started and the first pasqueflowers and glacier lilies are blooming. What a treat !!

Ten experienced Meadow Rovers marked trails and made contact with about 150 visitors this past weekend. New Meadow Rovers are expected July 16th and 17th. I hope to pair them up with some experienced Rovers for their initial day. Park attendance will increase as the snow melts and more flowers bloom, so make plans to ROVE the Mountain soon.

Gayle Eads [Sunrise computers currently down, so to contact me phone the Visitor Center: 360-569-6585] - Meadow Rover Coordinator, Sunrise


Trail Guy said...

Yeah! We were wondering when things would open up this year due to all the late season snow. Will probably be down this weekend to have a look around!

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