Friday, June 24, 2011

Full Time VIP Opportunity for Summer 2011

We are pleased to announce a full time VIP opportunity for Summer 2011.

This position is slated to begin on or around July 6th, 2011.

Please note that due to the impending start date all applications received by end of day Tuesday June 28th will be given preference.

Position: Visitor Use Study

Duration: July – September 2011

Internship Description:

The purpose of this internship is to collect information as part of a study to help Mount Rainier National Park staff manage visitor use and transportation in a manner that protects park resources and the quality of visitor experiences. The study will be conducted in the Nisqually Corridor and includes three interrelated components: 1) observation of visitor use on trails in Paradise Meadow and the Comet Falls Trail; 2) visitor surveys to assess the effects of crowding, resource impacts, and transportation conditions on the quality of visitor experiences in the park; and 3) transportation-related data collection. Together, the three study components will help park managers better understand connections among transportation conditions, park resource conditions, and the quality of visitor experiences.

Internship Tasks:

Multiple interns are needed to conduct several complimentary tasks, including:

(1) Visitor Use Counts on Hiking Trails :

a. This task involves observing and recording information about the number and types of visitors using trails in Paradise Meadow and the Comet Falls Trail.

(2) Visitor Surveys on Hiking Trails and at Popular Park Destinations:

a. This task involves administering surveys to park visitors, including the use of photo simulations to understand the effects of crowding and transportation conditions on the quality of visitor experiences.

(3) Parking Surveys at Trailheads and Popular Park Destinations :

a. This task involves recording information about the number, types, and duration of parked vehicles at key visitor destinations and parking areas in the Nisqually Corridor.

(4) Vehicle Traffic Observations at Paradise Intersections :

a. This task involves observing and recording with a handheld data collection instrument the number and direction of travel of vehicles that pass through two key intersections at Paradise.

Desired Skills and Abilities:

a. Ability to work independently and in settings with limited contact with other people.

b. Ability to interact professionally and comfortably with the public (e.g., to administer visitor surveys and collect other information from park visitors).

c. High degree of personal accountability to ensure timely, systematic, and consistent conduct of data collection tasks.

d. Attention to details and a good sense of quality control in the data collection process.

e. Good note taking skills, particularly to document unusual or unexpected circumstances that can affect data collection tasks.

f. Aptitude for/ability to learn how to work with electronic data collection devices (e.g., infrared trail counters, Palm Pilots, GPS-units, etc.).

g. Ability to hike up to 3 miles (one-way) on varied and often steep terrain.

h. Ability to travel on foot over flat to moderate terrain (e.g., Paradise parking areas) for an 8-10 hour period to conduct parking surveys.

i. Previous experience with data collection or other aspects of scientific studies is desirable, but not necessary.

Dates and Duration:

The internship period will be 9-10 weeks in duration, starting approximately July 6, 2011 and ending approximately September 15, 2011. Please note – due to the type of work (visitor use), interns will be required to work every single weekend day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and some days during the week. In other words – days off will be taken on weekdays.


§ Interns will earn a stipend for the 9-10 week period.

§ Housing and transportation will be provided for interns while they are working in the park. Interns may want to have their own transportation for personal travel on days off.

§ Interns are responsible for travel to and from the park at the beginning and end of the internship.

Application Process:

Interested applicants should send a current resume and 1-2 page statement of interest containing at least the following information:

§ Relevant experience, research, or courses taken (if any) related to this research opportunity

§ Why you are interested in this research opportunity

§ How this research opportunity relates to your career goals/interests

§ Three professional references

Please forward all application materials to:

Brett Kiser

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