Thursday, May 19, 2011

New phone numbers; welcome to Patti Poulin!

Mount Rainier National Park has just gone "live" with a brand new phone system, which provides direct-dial phone numbers to most individuals and offices in the park but means that most of the park's old phone numbers will soon become obsolete. There will be a month-long grace period during which old phone extensions will transfer automatically to the new numbers, but after that, you'll need to know the new number.

Mount Rainier's main phone number, 360-569-2211, will not change, and you will still be able to search for an employee by name when you call that number. If you're volunteering in the park, check with your supervisor to find out their new phone number. Here are a few other numbers you might want to keep track of (all begin with 360-569-):

-6571 Jackson Visitor Center (Paradise)
-6575 Longmire Museum
-6581 Ohanapecosh Visitor Center
-6600 Park dispatch
-6670 White River Ranger Station
360-829-9639 Carbon River Ranger Station

-6567 Kevin Bacher, Volunteer Program Manager
-6588 Patti Poulin, Volunteer Coordinator Intern

"Patti Poulin" is a new name for most of you--so please join me in welcoming our brand new summer Volunteer Coordinator Intern, here through the Student Conservation Association! Patti fills the role that Evan Escamilla was in last summer, and will be helping to coordinate volunteer projects throughout the summer. She comes to us most recently from the non-profit Ouray Ice Park, and has previous experience with the Bureau of Land Management in Tucson, The Nature Conservancy, the YMCA, and Outward Bound. If you're in Longmire, stop in and say hello!


Evan said...

Good luck Patti! I'm sure you will have lots of fun. Kevin, Jean and Harry are all great!

Patti said...

Thanks, Evan! I am thrilled be here!