Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meadow Rover and Interpretation training scheduled

Dear Meadow Rovers:

Spring is on its way and we are looking ahead to a busy summer. We want to make you aware of some training opportunities that will be taking place in June. Our seasonal training will happen on May 31-June 4 and June 8-June 10. The first week will be for the interpretive staff and for those volunteers that will be presenting programs. The second week we will be bringing in subject matter experts and is open to all that are interested in attending. The training schedule will be sent out once it has been finalized.

Training for Meadow Rovers will also take place in June. We will be doing things a little differently by having training for new meadow rovers on Saturday, June 25 in the park. Meadow Rovers that have not attended training in the past are also invited. An agenda will be sent out with a request to RSVP.

Specialized training for experienced meadow rovers will take place on Sunday, June 26. We are currently looking to have this training take place at the Mountaineers’ facility in Tacoma. We will be bringing in a representative from Leave No Trace to talk about the concepts of minimal impact to the resources and how to share that information with visitors. Once the agenda has been developed we will send it out asking you to RSVP as we will be limited to 40 people.

As we look ahead, we would like to begin offering more specialized training for returning meadow rovers. If you have any suggests for topics and/or types of training you feel would be beneficial please email Please put “Training” in the subject line. We will use your ideas as we plan for trainings in the future.

Stay tuned for more information on the June trainings.
- Christine Czazasty
East District Interpreter

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Trail Guy said...

Hi Christine,

Very interested in getting more information on the Meadow Rovers program and how I might best be able to get involved in supporting the park. Thanks in advance for your help!