Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mount Rainier National Park Associates schedules first work party of 2011 for April 30

I received this notice from John Titland, of the Mount Rainier National Park Associates. MRNPA leads a monthly project throughout the summer and has done so for many years, so they're a great way to get involved as a volunteer!

Future events (mark your calendars!) are tentatively scheduled on:
April 30
May 21
June 11
July 9
August 13
September 10
October 1


The first Mount Rainier National Park Associates trails work party for 2011 will be Saturday, April 30th. I know that is a full month away, but this early reminder to get the trail work party on your schedule can't hurt. Right now I know we will be working at Carbon River. The project options are either to work on the Boundary Trail, which starts right at the Carbon River Entrance, or the Green River Trail, which will involve a hike up past the washout to get to the trailhead. Either way, expect some hiking to get to the work site.

As always, you should bring work gloves, safety glasses, a hard hat if you have one, your lunch, fluids to drink, some warm clothing and full rain gear. This early in the season it is not unusual for there to be some snow on the ground or falling from the sky.

If you plan to attend this work party please reply to this email indicating that you are coming and giving me the number of volunteers you expect to accompany you. I need an estimate of the number of volunteers so that the Park can be sure to have enough tools for us all.

I know this may be too early to decide if you will join the MRNPA work party on April 30th, but if you are considering attending I would also like to hear from you. I will send a reminder email about a week prior to April 30th when you can tell me your final decision.

For volunteers under 18 years of age, the National Park Service requires a parent or guardian sign a consent form, which we have copies available at the work party.

There are safety gear rules for all MRNPA trail work volunteers. (These rules apply to all trail workers.) Anyone using an aggressive tool (like a Pulaski, ax, shovel, etc.) or anyone working near them, will be required to wear a hard hat and safety glasses. People working with or near less aggressive tools will not be required (but will be encouraged) to wear a hard hat. Wearing safety glasses will be encouraged at all times. At this time we do not have a clear idea of how many volunteers will need hard hats or how many hard hats will be provided by the park. If you own a hard hat, please bring it along. We have a supply of hard hats for those volunteers who do not have one.

Safety glasses are a different issue! Not all safety glasses are comfortable for everyone and some will not fit over eye glasses. Because of cleanliness issues, some people don't like wearing safety glasses that have been worn by other people. For these reasons and probably many others, please purchase (acquire, find, dig-up, whatever) a pair of personal safety glasses that you will wear. The local hardware store is a good place to start shopping if you need a new pair. A serviceable pair or safety glasses will cost about $10. And be advised that shatterproof eye glasses do not meet the requirement for safety glasses. Safety glasses all have side protection which eyeglasses do not.

John Titland
Volunteer Coordinator
Mount Rainier National Park Associates

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