Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meadow Rover Updates and new correspondence e-mail address

Hello Meadow/Snow Rovers!
From: Curt Jacquot, West District Area Ranger and New Meadow/Snow Rover Supervisor

Recent Happenings
I am writing to update you on the Meadow/Snow Rover program and happenings at Paradise.  Fall colors have faded and Winter is close at hand (or is it here?).  Several feet of snow fell at Paradise in the last few weeks.  The foxes are still making rounds and some people are beginning to carry skis up to enjoy the Muir snowfield. The "Stay off the Meadow" signs and rope-pole barriers have been removed for the season.  Several park roads have also closed for the season.

As some of you may have heard I have been hired on a permanent basis as the West District Area Ranger. I am also the Meadow/Snow Rover supervisor. I am still catching up on the changes that took place last summer, but I hope to continue the momentum in the meadow rover program that was started by Erin Whittaker and Lee Snook. One of the ways we plan to do that is by having an email strictly for Meadow/Snow rovers. All questions, concerns, comments about Meadow/Snow Roving should now go to:

Kevin Bacher (Volunteer Program Manager), Lee Snook (West District Interpretive Supervisor), and I (Curt Jacquot) will check the inbox at .

What Volunteers are Needed for in late Fall and Winter
Even with a couple of feet of snow, the meadow is not protected when people venture off trail. Meadow rovers are definitely needed in late fall!  Rovers can assist by greeting people at the Skyline trailhead and discussing fragile plants and the importance of staying on deep snow and not on the vegetation. Many people will have questions about the snow play area and why it is not open yet. We need to explain the need for deeper snow and grooming the run before the snow play area can open as planned on December 18th. Rovers can also talk with visitors about the avalanche forecast and "Keeping Wildlife Wild."   Once we start leading snowshoe walks on December 18th, Meadow/Snow rover volunteers can assist by taking the "sweep end" of the groups so no one falls behind.  Other things volunteers might assist with:  Trail updates. What condition are they in? Is a trail completely snow covered, or just partially? Has a trail been wanded/marked? Once the trails are wanded/marked Snow Rovers can help reset the poles if they start to get buried or fall over. If you prefer to be inside it is possible to rove the visitor center giving directions or answering questions about the exhibits.

Winter Interpretive Training Open to Volunteers
On December 10th we will have Winter Interpretive training at the Longmire Community building from 8:30 AM through 5:00 PM. The training will cover Winter park operations, safety, and Winter interpretive programs. In the afternoon we are planning an example guided interpretive walk at Paradise. Please RSVP for the training by emailing or calling West District Interpreter Lee Snook ( , (360) 569-6043).

Who to Contact:
If you are planning to come up to volunteer it is helpful for us to know when you are coming.  If you could email me at the new Meadow Rover email address ( to let me know in advance I can be sure to save room in the van if you would like to ride up with staff. The Van will leave from the Museum on weekends and holidays at 9:15 a.m. If you wish to use the volunteer apartment at Tahoma Woods please confirm your duties with Lee Snook or I via the Meadow Rover email and let us know you would like to use the apartment. Lee or I will check to see if the Tahoma Woods VIP apartment is available on the date(s) you need it.  If you are coming up to volunteer during the week, you can check out a radio at the Longmire Museum (if you have been trained on park radio use). The Museum is open from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM daily.

If you have questions about volunteering at Paradise or Longmire, please contact Lee Snook or I via the Meadow Rover email. If time is short and you want a quick response don't hesitate to call us. My days off are usually Thursday and Friday and Lee is off primarily on Sunday and Monday. If you have questions about the overall volunteer or outreach programs, please contact Kevin Bacher at  or (360) 569-2211 extrension 3385.

Once again, contact information:
The best place to send email regarding the Meadow/Snow Rover program:
Meadow Rover email:

Curt Jacquot:, phone: (360) 569-6426
Lee Snook: email:, phone: (360) 569-6043
Kevin Bacher:, phone: (360) 569-2211 extension 3385
Longmire Museum: (360) 569-2211 extension 3314
Paradise Jackson Visitor Center: (360) 569-6036

Thanks for being a Meadow/Snow rover! As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Curt Jacquot
Park Ranger - Interpretation, Meadow/Snow Rover Supervisor
Mount Rainier National Park
55210 238th Ave East
Ashford, WA 98304
(360) 569-2211, Extension 6426

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