Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First C.A.M.P Adventure of the Summer

To the joy of everyone the sun came out just in time for our first C.A.M.P session of the summer. Mount Rainier had never looked so inspiring for our first-time campers. Since the mountain was out we made sure to make a stop at Kautz Creek for taking photos. Then it was off to Cougar Rock Campground to set up camp. Kevin Bacher, Russ Aguilar and Hilary Gaddis helped the three families become oriented to the campsite by helping with the tents and setting out the camping chairs. Next on the agenda was a hike of Trail of the Shadows. The families with their Flip video camera in hand were out in full force documenting everything they saw. I would be hard-pressed to choose one event as the highlight of the day but the banana boats around the campfire may have a lead on first place. By the end of the night every kid had a smile on their face.

On the second day the families woke up to the smell of scrambled eggs and fresh fruit and muffins. We loaded up the vans and headed towards Paradise for a day of new experiences. Once we got there some families went on the Nisqually Vista trail and others spent time exploring the visitor center. A spontaneous snowball fight went on for awhile while touring Reflection Lake. As we got back to the campsite a nice array of snacks was nicely laid out on the picnic tables. Dinner came soon after and it consisted of roasting hot dogs over an open fire an s’mores for dessert. The night ended with a wonderful rendition of Old McDonald had a park instead of a farm and many other fun songs. On the third and final day we packed up all our gear and went to Carter Falls to say farewell to the mountain and shared our favorite memories from the last two days. I had so much fun over those three days that I can’t wait for the next session to start.

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