Monday, March 15, 2010

Rare birds photographed over Paradise

On this sad day (see my previous post), I want to share with you something more--what, uplifting? Entertaining? It brought a smile to my face and I hope it does for you as well.

I received in the mail last week a color copy of a full-page advertisement spotted by one of our retired park service employees and volunteers, Duane Nelson. Here is a similar version of the image from the website of Lane Powell Attorneys & Counselors:

Duane writes:

"I recently was sitting in a doctor's office thumbing through a magazine entitled Seattle Business. I came across this advertisement displaying a flight of birds with Pinnacle and Plummer Peaks in the background (Know The Landscape). Never, however, in all my travels at Mt. Rainier have I seen these type of birds. Maybe I spent too many years on the north side. Maybe the climate is really warming up and many different species are now appearing. A good chance for you and [your family] to discover them this coming summer. Then you can tell me next September what new species you have seen."

Thanks for the smile, Duane!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. You may be surprised to read this - but we have seen your blog posting regarding the "Rare birds photographed over Paradise" and the comments thereof (There's not much that gets by us.) I'm the Graphic Designer for Lane Powell Attorneys & Counselors - the one who created the ad and image "Toucan and Snow Geese over Pinnacle and Plummer Peaks". We are happy that the ad made someone smile and share the chuckle. The ad campaign, which has been very successful in generating double-takes and many positive commnets, features all sorts of PNW scenes with somewhat anomalous creatures inhabiting the local mountains and forests: The Toucan, a Panda playing in an Olympic National Park stream, snow covered elephants in the high cascades, etc. In case you'd like to see the original ad in Seattle magazine, I'd be more than happy to provide a nice jpeg for you. Thanks for the nice comments and a smile on my face this morning.

Brian Williamson
Lane Powell