Friday, January 29, 2010

Volunteer Blog 3.0: New ways to find volunteer opportunities!

I've just finished a massive upgrade to the volunteer blog. No, it's not dramatically evident at first, other than the link bar at the top of the page. But click that "volunteer opportunities" link and you'll find the new feature: Every currently-active volunteer position at Mount Rainier is now listed, and sortable in dozens of different ways.

Most of you will be most interested in the jobs that are "now recruiting," but you may also want to see all of the jobs currently active in the park, or even those that are under development. You can search for jobs that are appropriate for individuals or for the group you represent, or select those that are appropriate for families (with young children) or for youth groups like boy scouts or girl scouts.

You can choose jobs that are "short-term" (lasting only a day or two), "long-term" (lasting longer than a week), or "intermittent" (meaning that you make a commitment to return on a regular basis for an ongoing job). If you're looking for a college internship, you can select that. If you're interested in volunteering during a particular time of year, you can choose spring, summer, autumn, or winter opportunities.

And if you're interested in a particular kind of job, say, helping with trail maintenance, you can see all of the opportunities that fit that category. There's also a list of groups we're currently targeting for certain jobs, including actors (for our historic costumed interpretation team), teachers (for education positions), and scientists (for citizen science and our summer speaker series).

The list should be comprehensive. Browse through it and marvel at the diverse range of ways that volunteers work in partnership with us to protect Mount Rainier's natural and cultural resources and serve its visitors!

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