Thursday, November 12, 2009

Volunteers needed November 15 near north entrance

There aren't many opportunities to volunteer in Mount Rainier National Park this time of year, as snow is rapidly accumulating and roads are closing for the winter. But that doesn't mean there aren't good opportunities nearby! Here's a late-breaking need on Forest Service land just north of the park (forwarded verbatim):

Volunteers Needed Nov 15 - Orchard fence

I'm looking for a handful of volunteers who can help set 165 fence posts in our Forest Service seed orchard located off of SR410 between Enumclaw and Mt. Rainier Nat. Park. The workday is this coming Sunday, Nov 15.

The new fence line will eventually help expose more graze and browse to deer and elk that winter in the White River basin. We will only be setting posts. The fencing material will be moved from the old location to the new location next spring. . The orchard gate will be open at 8 am. Folks can let them selves in. I will have someone at the orchard office to give directions to the work site. This is short notice, but I didn't know when my contractor would complete the digging until last week. The orchard compound is equipped with a toilet and shelter, if needed, to get respite from inclement weather. Workers should bring good rain gear, boots, gloves, food and drink, and their favorite shovel.

After COB today, I will be out of the office until next Monday. But prospective volunteers can call me at: 253-678-7068 for more information and directions to the orchard. My contact email is:

Wildlife Biologist
office: 425-888-1421x221

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