Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet Sunrise 2009 Stats

Good news from Sunrise. Julia Pinnix sent me some really awesome statistics on volunteers at Sunrise. They're some cool figures if you break them down, and they say some awesome things about our volunteers.

2009 Sunrise Meadow Rover Statistics:

51 VIPs contacted 10, 541 visitors at Sunrise this summer!!!
Of the 51 VIPs, 20 came only once to Sunrise.

Five volunteers totaled 3,417 contacts at Sunrise. Meaning that of 51 VIP, less than a tenth made more than thirty percent of the visitor contacts! Those are some dedicated volunteers.

· David Howerton spent 255 hours, contacted 1,575 visitors!!
· Gary Knudson and Martha Scoville spent 166.5 hours each and contacted 883 visitors!
· Pete Sabin spent 126 hours, contacted 444 visitors!
· Dan Purnell spent 107.5 hours, contacted 515 visitors!

These folks truly deserve recognition for their work.

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Jake said...

It's a shame only 20 of 51 VIPs showed