Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seattle volunteer needed to help with digital video

Mount Rainier National Park's Urban Outreach program is looking for someone in the Seattle area who can help manage digital video files collected during the recent Camping Adventure with My Parents (CAMP) program.

During each of three weekend programs, up to eight families each collected video using digital "Flip Cameras." The video files have been downloaded onto a computer at the Discover Your Northwest offices at Klondike Goldrush National Historical Park in Seattle. A volunteer is needed to help with several tasks:
  1. Moving the video files onto an external hard drive;
  2. Creating backup copies on DVD discs; and
  3. Copying the video from each camera and each weekend onto separate DVDs for distribution to the families who captured the video.

Because the computer at Klondike does not have the ability to burn DVD discs, we are looking for someone who would have that capability on their own computer. Moving the files to the external hard drive will need to be done at the Klondike office, but the other tasks could be done in the volunteer's own home.

The teenage members of our CAMP program are eligible to participate in a video competition sponsored by KCTS public television, for which the deadline is September 1st, so we're looking for someone who can complete this project as soon as possible.

In addition, optionally, we would be interested in creating several short (3-minute) videos from the raw footage, highlighting Mount Rainier's outreach program in general and the CAMP program specifically. This could also be done from the volunteer's home, and with a much looser deadline.

Individuals interested in volunteering for this job should contact Brad Carlquist, Urban Outreach Ranger, at or 206-220-4229; or Kevin Bacher, Volunteer and Outreach Program Manager, at or 360-569-2211 ext. 3385.

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