Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Washington Conservation Core comes to Mt. Rainier

I can see them right outside our Longmire office window, working away, toiling in the dirt and mud. Braving the rain and cold to help bring our trails back to top shape. They are the men and women of the Washington Conservation Corps, and they will be working throughout the park for the entire year. The WCC is a program run by the Washington State Department of Ecology and is staffed by Americorps members. It is a year long program, and while not falling under the umbrella of the Volunteer Program, I feel it is only appropriate to recognize the contributions of this program on the blog.

To help give you an idea of just how hard these guys (and gals) work, I took a few pictures of their work on the Trail of the Shadows, right next to Longmire.

Clockwise from the top left: Chris, Joe, Dyami, Vanessa, Kyle, Julie.

So if you see them out working, give them a thumbs up (just don't distract them like I did to get these pictures).

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