Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Mountain, Our Park

On Monday evening, January 26, Acting Superintendent Randy King and I joined SCA's vice president Jay Satz and president Dale Penny in a presentation at the REI Flagship Store in Seattle. The meeting was attended by members of the public as well as park volunteers, but for every person who could attend, there were a hundred who could not for one reason or another.

But never fear! This is far too important a story to leave untold but to a few people on a Monday evening. The story of our partnerships and our volunteers, and the role they continue to play in strengthening the stewardship of Mount Rainier National Park, is one of the most important stories to come out of recent park history. You can still read about it:

...on the blog of the Washington Parks and Forests Coalition...
...on the website of the Student Conservation Association...
...or, best of all, by downloading a copy of the evening's presentation and enjoying it yourself! (PowerPoint, 13.4 megabytes)

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