Monday, November 17, 2008

JVC Demolition photos

Here's a few pictures from the JVC demolition this morning. Very interesting. It's slow going, and will probably take much of the week to complete, based on this morning's progress.

What the photos don't convey is the sound that goes with the images. Imagine a quiet scene--the road is closed because of flood damage at Kautz Creek, so there's only the sound of the engine on the crane as it hoists that massive wrecking ball--and then, THUNK, it drops on the building and a concussive thud shakes the air. Debris goes flying and clattering down the copper roof. Then there's a grinding sound as the ball lifts again, disentangling itself from the building; then quiet again except for the strain of the engine as the ball lifts and the process repeats.

See the link in the previous post for a live web camera image of the demolition in progress, though this is limited by the fact that it's looking into the evening sun and by the fact that the initial demolition is taking place on the opposite side of the building. Still, check it in the morning and you should start to see the building coming down.

For more photos at full resolution, here's the folder on my personal website:

You'll also find lots of other photos from past events at Mount Rainier, including volunteer projects, on the same site.


Brian Lane said...

Thanks for posting these Kevin!

Eric Henderson said...

Thanks for sharing for those of us with lots of memory of the old place. It was a great place to run up and down the ramps as a kid (only after-hours of course :-)