Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Superintendent's Message

Dear Mount Rainier Employees, Volunteers, Friends, and Partners,

As I sit back and reflect on what has occurred since the park was hit with the devastating floods one year ago on November 5 & 6, I am truly amazed at all the recovery work that has been accomplished. With the utmost care and professionalism you tackled one challenging repair after another. As we planned out each project, you worked hard to understand the impacts on resources, public access and the costs of repairs. You were thoughtful, asked the hard questions and then you got the work done. I am ever grateful for your outstanding efforts.

In addition, we engaged our concerned public telling the initial story of damage and ongoing repairs during the unprecedented six month closure. You kept telling the story as it evolved, as we met major milestones in the recovery, garnering an outpouring of public understanding, empathy and support. You engaged our youth and volunteers in record breaking numbers giving them a memorable experience to reflect back on for years to come.

I also want to pass on the words of support that we have received through hundreds of emails and letters from around the country and internationally as well. Director Mary Bomar, Regional Director Jon Jarvis and our delegation, especially Congressman Norm Dicks have asked me to pass on their thank you for a successful year of flood recovery. We have more work ahead of us but we need to take time out and reflect on what we have accomplished -- it is quite remarkable and historic.

Thank you again for your hard work, professionalism and a job well done. I am very proud to be your Superintendent.


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