Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We've moved!

Mount Rainier’s volunteer program blog will now be here, at I’ve been reluctant to make the move, believing strongly that a National Park Service website should stay on the National Park Service server. Unfortunately, the tools for maintaining an effective blog just aren’t available on our server. The new site will provide options for comments and feedback, better search capabilities, improved cross-linking with other blog sites, automatic archiving (something I currently have to do manually), and easier access to archived posts. It will also be much quicker, easier, and reliable for me to use—and as busy as I am during “high season,” that can make the difference between having time to update you all on program news, and not having time to do so.

I will gradually copy the summer’s blog postings to this new site, and will leave them archived on the old site as well. You’ll also continue to find all of the other features of our volunteer program at the NPS address,, including job listings and general information. Photos are still there too, though now that I’ve made the switch to Google’s blogspot, its photo management cousin, Picasa, looks tempting as well. We’ll see.

What do you think? This new website is interactive. Leave a comment and let me know!


Greg C., Paradise Meadow Rover said...


Good job as usual getting this up and running.

I could tell pretty easily this summer that you were really busy. The amount of hours that were volunteered certainly backs that up.

If available I would like to help out more meadow rovers next summer. I really enjoyed getting Judy up and running with her meadow roving this past summer. I think she has become one of Mount Rainier's finest volunteers.

Keep up with the good information Kevin and thanks for being our leader as well this past summer. :)

David Money said...

I haven't visited your site in awhile had no idea you ahd moved, looks great, i like the new format, keep up the good work guys!

David James said...

I went through your blog of volunterring at Mount Rainer and I found it really amazing!

The amount of effort being taken to plan the programmes to preserve its heritage and to serve and educate its visitors is indeed remarkable!

Congratulations to your team!

David James