Monday, July 2, 2007

Field Notes

New Links: The Northwest Storm Recovery Coalition now has a combined calendar posted at Here, you can find links to projects sponsored by any of the coalition members, all combined into one master list! You can also, of course, visit each of the coalition members directly, and contribute in whatever way works best for you. Click here for a summary of our Coalition partners and the roles they're playing in Mount Rainier's volunteer program, recovery efforts, and ongoing park protection efforts.

New Projects: There are a lot of exciting things coming up this month! Check out SCA's calendar for family projects, wilderness cleanup, 5-day backpacking trips, roads maintenance, and of course lots of trail maintenance and repair. WTA's calendar includes trail projects in all four corners of the park, too!

Statistics: The numbers are in (some of them) for the month of June! You--yes, you, 255 of you--have contributed 1,256.5 hours of volunteer service on 30 projects in cooperation with our Flood Recovery Corps since the park reopened this spring. That does not yet include all of you who worked on trail projects with WTA, nor those who worked as part of groups directly with NPS supervisors, nor those dedicated individuals who help staff our visitor centers, patrol our trails, and do all the other things volunteers do for us even in a "normal" year. It doesn't even include the volunteer time contributed by our Flood Recovery Corps itself. Considering that these are all early-season numbers from projects conducted while our staff was still being trained and oriented, when the final numbers are tallied, we're looking forward to reporting record-breaking volunteer participation at Mount Rainier this year!

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