Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Mount Rainier Recovery online event calendar

From Jill Baum, Program Director; Ali Saperstein, Communications Coordinator; and Kevin Bacher, Volunteer Program Manager:

Greetings, Mount Rainier enthusiasts!

Many thanks to those of you who have already visited the Mount Rainier Recovery online event calendar and signed up to provide valuable service to Mount Rainier National Park! Our online service event calendar provides a diverse array of volunteer projects, and we are adding more continually. There are many benefits to volunteering, including free Park admission and overnight camping for the duration of your volunteer project. Visit the calendar today to sign up!

Here are some highlights of what you’ll find:

Family Projects
By popular demand! Spend Memorial Day weekend outdoors making a difference with the whole family. Designed for volunteers age 8 and older, the first Family Project weekend on our calendar will be focused on restoring the historic basecamp at Longmire.

Trail Maintenance Projects
More coming soon! Have you enjoyed hiking in the Park in the past? Many trails throughout the Park are currently unsafe to hike on. Beginning in June, come earn the satisfaction of working with a team to re-open a section of trail to restore access to the Park for other visitors.

Meadow Rover Training
Critical need! The fragile subalpine meadows near Sunrise and Paradise will be as vulnerable as ever this year. Come join us June 23 for a day of learning as part of the Meadow Rover program. A perfect opportunity for people who live close to the Park, this training will enable you to volunteer on a regular basis to help to preserve these beautiful meadows.

We hope that you’ll sign up for one of these or another of the many wonderful opportunities to get involved and lend a hand. We look forward to seeing you at the mountain soon!

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